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Cloud Transformation Services

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Cloud Transformation Services

Business Cloud Transformation with GIGE is Efficient, Trustworthy, and Affordable

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Cloud Transformation For Businesses

Cloud Migration Service

GIGE IT Solutions designs and executes a customized cloud migration plan to move your infrastructure to a cloud environment of your choice

Proactive Cloud Management

24 /7 monitoring and active problem resolution powered by our robust remote-session and helpdesk ticketing systems

Security and Backup Management

We help you design and proactively monitor your cloud security and backup procedures, ensuring that you are always well-protected from cyberthreat

Migration Service and Managed IT Solutions for Leading Cloud Providers

At GIGE IT Solutions, we understand that every organization has different needs and specifications for cloud IT services. The first step that we take to ensure the best cloud transformation experience for you is arranging a thorough assessment of your existing IT systems. By doing this, we can co-develop an informed plan to help you make a smooth and thorough cloud transformation.

After working with us, we guarantee that your company will be well equipped to adapt to the pressing changes of today’s IT world. Nobody’s cloud transformation services are as trustworthy and affordable as GIGE IT Solutions.

We strive to use industry leading cloud technologies for your business. Listed below are some of the different Cloud Transformation Services GIGE IT Solutions can provide for your company.

Office 365

Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based products will help your company save money and increase productivity


Microsoft’s Cloud-based computing service can help your company increase scaling flexibility and security


Never pay for services you don’t need with Amazon Web Services’s fast and secure pay-as-you-go plans

Why Should I Migrate To The Cloud?

Whether one is starting a new business or is there in the market for years, irrespective of its nature every business has basic needs or chores to be performed. It can be anything from accounting related work like bookkeeping, invoicing, or email, VoIP or telephony for communication, or project management, file sharing, data storage or time tracking. There are 2 options with the businesses for these background chores, to have an on-site solution or to get the cloud-based IT solutions.

Businesses are using cloud-based software more than ever before. Those using on-site solutions are wondering if they, should switch too. But there are many options in the market related to each background process. How to choose what’s best for your business? Say you have chosen one, there is a bigger question on how to install and use that solution? This is where GigE IT Solutions’ cloud transformation services can help you.

GigE IT Solutions has experienced technicians who can guide you buy and implement the best solutions for your needs. Our cloud transformation services will get your cloud infrastructure secure, scale-able and reliable at affordable prices.

How do we approach your transformation journey?

Consult and Systems Audit

GIGE IT Solutions begins your cloud transformation by analyzing your current I.T. infrastructure and company requirements to determine the best cloud computing services for your organization. Through a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, we design a custom roadmap for your migration.

Deployment Services

Our experienced technicians install all required systems remotely or on-site at your office location to execute your cloud transformation

Managed Support Service

We monitor and resolve issues on your new cloud infrastructure with an unparalleled 30 minute response time. With ongoing IT support from our fast and responsive IT team, resolve any cloud computing issues before they affect your company productivity.

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