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How can Migrating to Cloud Computing Help your Business?

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How can Migrating to Cloud Computing Help your Business?

Cloud Computing Helps Improve your Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in Canada. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and phishing attacks are among the most common threats to a Canadian business. Malicious technologies are constantly evolving, making it an increasingly difficult task to defend against these attacks. For many businesses, the costs of managing IT security in today’s environment can quickly get out of hand.

Cloud computing can assist with protection against data loss, as many cloud providers constantly update their safeguarding features for the data that is stored online. For businesses, this means that sensitive data can be proactively protected without the need for additional internal resources.

 The cloud brings many other advantages to your organization, here are some of the most significant benefits for you to consider.

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The Cloud Reduces Hardware and Software Costs
Traditional means of in-house data storage requires hardware such as servers, data storage devices, management software, and more. Furthermore, it also requires costs for internal IT staff. By offloading this task to a managed service provider using a cloud solution, costs can be significantly reduced. Additionally, MSPs may offer different payment options for cloud data storage, making it easy to scale up and down according to your company’s specific needs at any time.

Flexibility in Deployed Services
IT management is a diverse set of skills that is difficult for any small number of people to upkeep. Small in-house IT teams, while versatile, might lack the necessary expertise in certain areas to efficiently troubleshoot issues. During critical moments such as system failures or cyberattacks, this could result in massive financial losses. IT managed service providers employ teams of professionals with tailored expertise in specific cloud solutions, ensuring that the support for your particular solution is always well-covered.

Reliable Protection against Data Loss
Data loss is highly damaging to a company. Immediate financial costs are devastating, but a company’s reputation is also affected. Furthermore, forced downtime can result in additional costs quickly becoming unmanageable, and the leaking of sensitive data can put both clients and employees at further risk.
Cyberattack is not the only threat to your organization’s data. For on-premise solutions, accidents and disasters can also be a highly dangerous risk factor. From floods, to earthquakes, to fires, any solution that relies on backups stored locally on hard drives or computers can be destroyed by one of these events. Cloud solutions are effective at protecting against these threats – by constantly backing up your data in the cloud, you will be able to access your data through the internet even if on-site equipment is damaged or stolen.

Improved Collaboration Tools
With remote work becoming increasingly common during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for employees to be able to communicate and collaborate easily across physical distances. Cloud computing solutions include many features that assist with this, including the ability to edit and view files at the same time, marking and commenting on shared documents for easy revisions, and secured documents that can only be accessed by specific team members. These tools effectively reduce the need for sharing files via email, improving workflows and increasing company productivity as a whole.

The needs of a company change with time. Traditionally, one would attempt to predict future needs and requirements during the procurement of an IT solution. However, oftentimes changes can be unpredictable a few years down the line. With cloud solutions, scaling a solution is simple and cost efficient.

Protection against Downtime
As previously discussed, downtime can result in extensive financial costs to a company. With cloud solutions, downtime is minimized as compared to on-premise solutions. GIGE Corporation can help your company in its cloud transformation. From Office 365 to AWS, we can plan and deploy your migration. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 or email info@gige.ca to get started.

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