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Effectively Managing Cloud Costs

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Effectively Managing Cloud Costs

Upgrading your organization’s IT infrastructure to the cloud can bring many financial and productivity advantages to your team. Not only do cloud tools allow for seamless collaboration among teammates over geographical distances, but scalable solutions can also help you save on costs by minimizing on the amount of extraneous resources you pay for. However, with so many options on cloud providers and plans, it is a difficult and intimidating process to become onboarded, particularly for organizations who are unfamiliar with cloud computing. This article aims to help simplify the process by outlining some of the important considerations to make before purchasing cloud infrastructure.

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Plan Before Purchasing
One of the biggest advantages of cloud is its ability to scale efficiently with your organization’s size and requirements. However, without proper planning it can be easy to overinvest in a cloud package that is too large to be fully utilized by your company, leading to wasted financial resources. It is important to fully audit your existing workflows to identify the quantity of seats and programs needed by your specific company.

Training For Your Team
Cloud infrastructure includes online storage available to your organization. However, this storage can easily become cluttered and difficult to navigate if teams do not utilize it in an efficient manner with proper file storage conventions. It is essential to ensure that all team members are aware of the storage capacity and usage guidelines of the company online storage space in order to optimize the usage of your provided space. Furthermore, it is important to onboard your team members to the new workflows through the cloud apps, in order to fully utilize their potential in collaboration.

Avoid Purchasing Popular Packages Without Prior Research
Many cloud providers offer premade packages fixed costs. While these are effective at being one-size-fits-all solutions, they are often not optimized for individual organizations, as every company has different requirements in terms of their IT needs. It is important to research your specific company’s needs prior to investing in a premade package that may go underutilized.

Tracking Usage And Collecting Feedback

After deployment, keep track of usage to ensure that your cloud tools are being used to their full potential. Additionally, collecting feedback from your team on the new tools can assist in determining whether the new tools are a good fit for your organization.

Collaborating with A Professional MSP
Selecting the proper packages for cloud infrastructure can be difficult for any organization. MSPs can assist by auditing your existing infrastructure and planning an effective migration strategy to help you move your workflows seamlessly into the cloud.

GIGE Corporation has over 30 years of experience migrating companies to cloud platforms across North America. We can help you determine the most effective packages to purchase and migrate your systems quickly, securely, and reliably. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 or email info@gige.ca for a consultation.

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