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Server OS Update Key Terms

]   BACK   Operating System (OS) The most fundamental computer software that allows for its basic operations, and bridges people to components with a user interface OS Updates Software patches that repair security flaws and bugs for operating systems. Patch Support Patches are software used to update programs and operating systems, improving stability and…
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What is a Server OS Update?

    BACK   Why are Server O.S. Updates Important To Your Company? A server system is the heart of a company’s I.T. life. It often contains many, if not all company files, and acts as the central core that all company computers are connected to. A slowdown of such a system would therefore mean…
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Data Storage Management Key Terms

Understanding Data Storage Management – Here are some keyword definitions Data storage management can be difficult to understand. It includes everything from on-site backups to off-site and cloud storage solutions. GIGE IT Solutions provides many services including off-site backup in our secure data centers to ensure that your business continuity is never compromised by your…
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What is Data Storage Management?

Learn more about why Data Management is essential to business continuity   BACK   Computer data, like physical documents, are susceptible to damage. In fact, digital media is perhaps comparatively more vulnerable to destruction than its tangible counterpart. This is because it is not only affected by physical hardware damage, but also corruption that can…
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What is Security Best Practice?

    BACK   What are IT Security Best Practices?   Company integrity hinges on its ability to protect confidential or critical information from cyberattacks. ¬†Failure to do so will result in irreparable damage to a customer’s trust in the stability of an organization. As such, informational security should be of utmost importance to any…
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I.T. infrastructure Key Terms

    BACK   Backup Policy A schedule of backup procedures which are set in place to ensure efficient data recovery in case of data failure   Company Disk Volumes The storage capacity that an organization has to store its information   Device Racking The physical setup of server systems on their shelves   Hardware…
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What is I.T. Infrastructure?

      BACK   GIGE IT Solutions offers our network experts to help you design and deploy IT infrastructure to help your company succeed in its respective industry. I.T. infrastructure encompasses all technical systems that a company uses on a daily basis. It includes frameworks such as servers, employee workstations, e-mail systems, and security.…
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E-mail and Remote Connection Key Terms

    BACK   Cloud Based Email Systems Service-based email network which alleviates the need for hosting the server from local company hardware   File Transfer Protocol (FTP) The standard method of transferring files from one computer to another through the internet   Remote Connection The ability to access a computer’s files and programs from…
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What are E-mail and Remote Connections?

    BACK   In today’s world, E-mail has become a standardized medium of communication. Within a company, it is used as a major bridge between employees, and to customers. As such, the platform on which a company’s e-mail systems runs is essential to its maximum efficiency. If a company is hosting its own e-mail…
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Help Desk Key Terms

    BACK   Blog Periodically updated webpage with current and relevant information   Help Desk Services that provide assistance and consultations for technical or I.T. issues   Remote Desktop Connection A program that allows for the I.T. technician to access your personal computer for troubleshooting   Troubleshooting The process of identifying and solving problems…
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