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What is Telephony?

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What is Telephony?





Communication is the definitive component of the 21st century. No company can hope to keep up in the contemporary corporate world without efficient and dependable telecommunication systems. Not only is it essential in the productive information flow within a company, but also in external communications with clientele. GIGE IT Solutions provides business telephony services to ensures that your company always operates at maximum efficiency. We can implement features including interactive voice response and DID to ensure that your company is always at the forefront of its industry. Furthermore, through constant back-and-forth communication with your business, we ensure that your VoIP systems are set up with your specific requirements and business goals in mind.

Finally, we provide an IT helpdesk with a guaranteed 30 minute response time to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved promptly.


Much like circulation in a body, telephony infrastructure acts as the informational arteries of a company, bridging employees, employers, and customers. Therefore, it does not only encompass the technological capability of its telephones, but also the efficiency in the organization and hierarchy of its communication. For instance, the design of its customer redirection systems, or its internal pathways. Inefficiencies in the design of these passageways will inevitably cause major informational backups, leading to inconveniences for not only the company, but also its customers.


GigE’s business telephony services are exhaustive and informed. Our process involves our team of professional technicians first analyzing major inhibitions within your existing telephony systems, and then proposing multiple solutions to improve your workflow productivity. Then, we install all required equipment in a one-time, convenient setup, and lead software training sessions to help staff members become familiarized with the systems. Finally, GigE always strives to provide on-going maintenance and support services, giving your company the peace of mind of future adaptability. 


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