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Upgrading Your IT Back-End Infrastructure

Upgrading Your IT Infrastructure Backend A robust and efficient IT infrastructural setup is an essential part of business functions today. From small businesses to large enterprises, it is essential that your data storage and communication systems support your business delivery. Ageing hardware or obsolete software could be contributing to your infrastructure not performing optimally. This…
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The Benefits of Migrating Your Email to the Cloud

Migrating your on-premise email systems to the cloud may seem like an intimidating endeavor. However, in the long term this transition can bring many benefits to your organization. This article aims to highlight some of the advantages of migrating your emails to the cloud. Financial Savings For small businesses, one of the most important considerations…
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Important Benefits of Migrating To A VoIP System

VoIP (Voice over IP) is quickly becoming one of the most widespread technologies in the professional environment. From financial savings to productivity improvements, implementing a VoIP system for your organization can be the first step to alleviating a significant amount of IT pressure from your team. This article aims to help provide you with some…
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IT Issues Frequently Faced By Canadian Organizations

Slow Computers One of the most common issues faced by organizations is computer slow downs. This can be the result of many different causes, including aging hardware, insufficient RAM and hard drive space, or malware. Accidental Deletion of Files A major cause of corporate data breaches and data loss is through human error. A simple…
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Important Points To Discuss With A Potential IT Provider

With the large number of different IT service providers available, it can be difficult to decide on a partner to help with managing your IT infrastructure. This article aims to help with that decision by covering some of the important factors that should be considered when making this decision. What is the MSP’s response time…
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How Cloud Computing is Beneficial for your Organization

Cloud computing is one of the most effective methods of using IT infrastructure to improve your organization’s productivity. With many businesses moving to a remote model of business functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the current cloud based infrastructure can continue to be used to enable employees to work from anywhere with a secure internet connection,…
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The Essentials of Information Security

Protecting your organization’s sensitive data is an essential part of managing your business. Data leaks and cybersecurity attacks can lead to immense financial costs to your organization. Therefore, it is essential to employ a comprehensive security policy to ensure that all avenues concerning IT security are handled sufficiently. A good security policy covers all the…
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How To Choose The Right MSP

Managed IT service providers can empower your company by alleviating you of the day-to-day hassle of managing your IT infrastructure. With an MSP, you always have access to a team of professionals to assist with any issues that may occur on a daily basis. Furthermore, with device monitoring MSPs ensure that your infrastructure is always…
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How to Maximize your VoIP Systems

VoIP (Voice over IP) systems hold several distinct advantages over traditional analog systems. But after your new VoIP infrastructure is set up, how do you maximize the usage of its features? This article aims to provide some tips on getting the most out of these systems. 1. Familiarize the team with the new features For…
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The Importance of Disaster Recovery and Backup Protocols

An IT disaster can have major impacts on your company. Financially, events such as IT hardware failure or a ransomware attack can be devastating due to the costs of extended downtime. Furthermore, your organization’s reputation and customer relationships may also be negatively impacted. Disasters can be caused by many different reasons, including an office fire…
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