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The Main Benefits of Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  Multifactor authentication has become one of the most widely used strategies for securing your account. Through recent increases of computing power, brute force attacks have an increasingly dangerous cyberthreat against your data. In short, a brute force attack involves an attacker gaining access to a secure account by systematically guessing every possible combination of…
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How VPNs can Help You Protect Your Network

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become one of the most widely used technologies in today’s business world. Protecting your sensitive data against cyberattack should be of the upmost importance for any organization, as an intrusion can result in devastating financial and reputational damage. If a malicious actor gains access to your network, they can access…
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Managing Cloud Computing Costs

Cloud computing brings many benefits to your organization from increased productivity tools to better cybersecurity for your data. For companies that are migrating to the cloud for the first time, the costs can be a daunting element that can act as discouragement from making the jump. This article aims to provide some strategies and considerations…
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Common Threats to your Organization’s Data

Digital data has become one of the most important aspects of business functionality. From client files to financial records, almost everything pertaining to day-to-day operations requires some form of digital data. Therefore, data loss can have devastating impacts on the functions of a business, often causing entire departments to come to a productive stop.  …
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Mitigating the Risks of Multifactor Authentication

With the widespread adoption of Multifactor Authentication as the new standard of securing digital accounts, it becomes more important to become aware of the limitations of the technology in order to protect yourself and your organization against potential intrusion.   Get Started With GIGE’s IT Security By Messaging Us On Live Chat   What is…
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Common IT Issues Facing Canadian Organizations

As organizations around the world increase their reliance on digital infrastructure for their day-to-day activities, so too will the number of IT issues they will face. This article aims to cover some of the most common IT issues that you may encounter.   Get Started With GIGE’s IT Helpdesk Services By Messaging Us On Live…
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Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Cybercrime

Small to midsized businesses are often a major target for cybercriminals. Knowing that these organizations have less financial resources to dedicate to security often makes them more susceptible to intrusion. The results of being a victim of cyberattack are often devastating to any organization –  not only do they cause major financial impacts, but productivity…
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Protecting Your Organization Against Data Loss

In today’s world, data backup protocols are one of the most important aspects of storing and handling your organization’s data. This data can include anything from your organization’s day-to-day files and records, to sensitive client information such as names, addresses, and financial information. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from physical…
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The Importance of Keeping Your Systems Up-to-Date

As computer systems become increasingly complex, they rely on more and more software running simultaneously. From programs that users interact with such as Microsoft Word and Google Chrome, to operating systems like Windows or MacOS, a computer has to rely on a multitude of different programs working together at any one time to function correctly.…
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The Advantages of Voice over IP Systems (VoIP)

VoIP, or Voice Over IP is a telecommunication technology that allow for calls to be conducted over an internet connection, as opposed to a standard landline connection. Many organizations in recent years have migrated their communications over to VoIP, as the technology contains numerous benefits over more traditional phone lines. This article aims to provide…
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