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The Benefits of Partnering with an IT Helpdesk

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The Benefits of Partnering with an IT Helpdesk

Almost all organizations rely on some form of IT infrastructure to run their operations. From managing financial records and customer information to service delivery, IT systems are the backbone of many day-to-day workflows. Because of this, a technical issue with your IT could result in major slowdowns to its productivity. For instance, an important deliverable to a client could be delayed due to an employee’s computer operating system becoming corrupted, or a hard drive failing. These disruptions can add up in the long term, causing widespread damage to your organization’s relationship to its customers, and its reputation in the industry. Furthermore, financial costs can quickly get out of hand if these constant disruptions are left unchecked.

An IT helpdesk can be a major asset to any small-to-midsized organization without adequate internal resources to manage its infrastructure. This article outlines some of the major benefits of partnering with an IT helpdesk.


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Fast resolutions to day-to-day issues
One of the most important aspects of handling IT issues is the response time. An issue that is left unresolved can result in extended  downtime, as well as cause further issues in the future if left unchecked.
Partnering with a professional IT helpdesk ensures that you always have access to a team of professionals equipped to help you troubleshoot any IT issues that may occur. From printer jams to network instability, an IT helpdesk provides technicians specialized for any type of problem that you will face.
In addition, many IT helpdesk providers such as GIGE Corporation provide a wide range of channels to access support, including direct telephone lines, email, onsite support, or remote troubleshooting. Through these versatile methods, issues are flexibly diagnosed and troubleshooted in the most efficient and fastest manner possible.

Assist your Existing Team
Many organizations have existing IT resources. However, understaffed IT teams may struggle managing the infrastructure for their entire organization, particularly if its issues are highly varied and unpredictable.
As a result of this, IT infrastructure projects often suffer from delays caused by unexpected day-to-day tasks and issues. For instance, lengthy updates to troubleshoot issues may leave your team unable to make significant headroom in achieving the organization’s long term goals.
For these organizations, an IT Helpdesk can help alleviate the day-to-day pressure from your existing team, enabling them to focus on maintaining the core infrastructural elements of your organization. A major advantage of working with a helpdesk is its flexibility – depending on your company’s specific needs and resources, you can customize the relationship that your existing team has with the IT staff to ensure that your resources are being utilized as efficiently as possible.

Predictable and efficient costs
Often, IT helpdesks provide services on a monthly payment model, ensuring that you have consistent access to their teams for a flat recurring fee. A one-off IT call due to an emergency can result in significantly higher and unpredictable costs compared to a regular monthly expense, making an IT helpdesk the more reliable and predictable choice.

Don’t let IT issues slow down your company’s productivity. GIGE Corporation has over 30 years of experience helping Canadian organizations manage and troubleshoot their IT infrastructure. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 to get started today.

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