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Important Benefits of Migrating To A VoIP System

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Important Benefits of Migrating To A VoIP System

VoIP (Voice over IP) is quickly becoming one of the most widespread technologies in the professional environment. From financial savings to productivity improvements, implementing a VoIP system for your organization can be the first step to alleviating a significant amount of IT pressure from your team. This article aims to help provide you with some important advantages that migrating to your first VoIP platform will bring.

The major difference between VoIP systems and analog systems is the fact that VoIP calls rely on an internet connection rather than over a phone line. Specifically, VoIP platforms change your analog signal into a digital signal and transmits this through the internet to the recipients device. This allows for a wide range of functions to be customized to any business requirement.

VoIP improves productivity at a low cost
VoIP systems often come with many features that are considered premium features in an analog system. For instance, VoIP allows for deep customization of call redirects and voicemails, ensuring that no calls are ever missed by the team.

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Flexible Integration

One of the largest advantages of VoIP systems is their flexibility. VoIP infrastructure can integrate with a large number of tools, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and email systems. This can bring major benefits to productivity, such allowing for sales reps to contact leads directly through their CRM platform, rather than having to manually dial phone numbers every time.

High Audio Quality

VoIP systems provide high quality audio and video data transmissions that can help your organization stand out from the crowd. As a result, clients and colleagues will experience less issues with bad reception and audio crackling when on calls, leading to a smoother overall customer experience.

Flexible Communication on a Variety of Devices

VoIP infrastructure can be used with a variety of devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. With this, it becomes very easy to communicate with team members and clients no matter what type of device your environment uses. Furthermore, VoIP comes with customizable forwarding to further improve communication – for example, an office phone can be directly forwarded to a smartphone while travelling or working from home.

Highly Cost Effective and Scalable

VoIP is a great way to save money by reducing on the costs of international and local calls. Furthermore, scaling your organization with your VoIP plan is immensely simple. Instead of needing change your hardware every time your scale up, your VoIP provider can simply modify your existing plan to accommodate for the additional members.

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