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The Benefits of Partnering with an MSP

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The Benefits of Partnering with an MSP

What are MSPs?
Almost all organizations rely on some form of IT infrastructure to operate. This can include anything from using technology to store client data, communicating among clients and team members, or for service delivery. Ensuring that your IT infrastructure always runs smoothly is a complicated and taxing task for your team. For small-to-mid sized organizations with limited resources, it can be difficult to employ dedicated internal resources to this task.

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MSPs (managed service providers), are companies that can assist organizations manage their IT infrastructure externally, ensuring that your computers, networks, storage devices, and cybersecurity are always running at optimal efficiency. Partnering with an MSP can bring many benefits, including having access to dedicated support staff that manage your infrastructure in its entirety.

What services are offered?

Product Procurement
Investing in new hardware and software can be one of the most effective ways of improving the performance of your IT; it is also one of the most costly. With the overwhelming amount of product options out there, it can be an overwhelming task choosing the correct hardware and software combination for your organization’s needs, while ensuring that compatibility issues are avoided. An MSP can audit your organization and help you choose the correct equipment to purchase, taking into consideration your unique needs, budget, and upgrade timelines.

Cybersecurity Management
Cyberattack is a constant and dangerous threat facing any organization with digital resources. Ransomware, trojan attacks, and phishing attacks are some of the most common looming threats. If an intrusion is successful, cyberattackers can commit malicious activities to your organization such as stealing sensitive information and selling it on the black market, locking your files behind ransom walls, or stealing credentials.
IT MSPs can assist you protect yourself by ensuring that your antivirus protocols, software, and data backup systems are always up and running.

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage
With cloud platforms such as Office 365 and AWS rapidly growing in recent years, many organizations are migrating to these cloud platforms for their increased collaborative tools, convenience, and security.
Migrating to the cloud can bring many advantages to your company, including additional tools to help you optimize your workflows, as well as data backup protocols to keep your information supported at all times.

IT Help Desk
Day-to-day IT issues such as network disconnections, computer slowdowns, and printing issues can result in loss of productivity. By partnering with an MSP, your organization can gain access to a dedicated team of IT professionals to assist you troubleshoot any issue you may encounter.

What are some benefits of MSPs?

Cost Efficient
Financial resources can be a large limiting factor for small-to-mid sized organizations looking to employ internal IT resources. MSPs are able to tailor their service packages to assist any organizational or budgetary need, as well as varied pricing models to suit your company.

Reduce Downtime
Downtime caused by cyberattack or hardware/software failure can cause heavy financial strain on your organization’s productivity and daily functioning.

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