A company’s valuable data is in constant danger of data loss, whether through corruption, hardware failure, or deletion. Backup and data protection is therefore an essential aspect towards the reliability of an organization’s computer storage. Likewise, a company’s ability to quickly recover lost data is also directly related to its overall productive workflow. GigE provides backup process engineering services for your company’s specific needs, through on-site installation of backup equipment and software, as well as ongoing storage and maintenance.





Why choose GIGE

GigE’s team of I.T. professionals are not only experienced, but flexible in the application of our expertise to your company’s specific backup processing engineering needs. As such, we are not only able to offer a wide range of physical and software services, but also to work with your specific requirements to develop customized, seamless, and reliable solutions for your I.T. systems.






What is backup process engineering?

A company’s livelihood hinges on its perceived reliability in the eyes of its customers. This trust relies on the ability for an organization to perform efficiently without failure regardless of time and place. However, the real world is plagued with unpredictable circumstances, from minor daily incidents that inconvenience workflow, to catastrophic disasters that lead to a complete productive halt. In the I.T. world, these can include anything from erratic software malfunctions, to inevitable hardware damage, to irreversible data loss, all of which severely inhibit any company’s ability to maintain the integrity it so tirelessly tries to establish.

Backup process engineering (BPE) is the design of preventive and reparative strategies that attempt to counter the unavoidable uncertainty when it comes to I.T. software and equipment, through effective and tried methods of data protection and recovery. Much like how no two companies are identical, each backup strategy will also depend on specific I.T. needs presented by a company’s technical infrastructure.

Backup Engineering Key Terms

Automatic Backup Procedures
A system that automatically schedules periodic backup processes without the need for user input. Useful for its convenient ability to self-handle backup procedures.

Backup Process Engineering
The design of backup solutions to protect sensitive or critical information

Data Corruption
Errors in stored data due to computer mistakes during reading or writing processes. Results in the inability for the stored information to be used

Disaster Simulation Testing
The rehearsal of backup and data recovery procedures in case of data failure