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AWS Migration Service

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AWS Migration Service

AWS Migration Service in Toronto and Mississauga . Cloud Computing Power . Scaling and Reliable


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How Does an AWS Migration Help Your Business?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a cloud computing platform that can help your company grow and adapt to today’s volatile I.T. world. Using cloud computing and online data storage, you will never feel constrained by your I.T. infrastructure again. GIGE’s fast and reliable AWS migration service will help your company enjoy the benefits of cloud computing.

Advantages of Migrating to AWS

Below are some of the advantages of using Amazon Web Services as your cloud computing platform.

Versatile and Adaptable

With AWS, enjoy dozens of different features that you may need, including deployment tools, cloud storage, cloud computing power, and more

Air-Tight Security

Cloud-based security is more secure than on-site security options. This is because of features such as data encryption and constant surveillance. Never lose your data to cyberattack.

Pick-and-Choose Features

With AWS, you don’t have to migrate your entire infrastructure into the cloud. With flexible modules, you can keep segments offline while still enjoying the benefits of cloud computing!

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The AWS Management Console makes it simple to control all your services from a single, well-designed place. 


Scaling Freedom

We know companies change, so why shouldn’t your I.T.? Enjoy complete control over how many and which services  you need. Never pay for capacity that you don’t need.


No Upfront Cost 

Why pay full-price for services you may not need in the future? Pay for services as you go, and cancel anytime when you don’t need them anymore.

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