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The Advantages of Per-Incident Technical Support

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The Advantages of Per-Incident Technical Support

An IT incident can occur at any time without warning. Hardware failure, software corruption, or cyberattacks can create severe disruptions to your company’s operations. This unexpected downtime can then result in damage to customer relationships or loss in sales. In-house IT teams are strained during these times of crises – while they likely have the skills to troubleshoot and resolve the situation, there is a large amount of manpower that is needed to quickly analyze and rectify these emergency situations.

While your in-house support team is troubleshooting this immediate issue, they would be unavailable to your staff to assist with daily problems such as network instability, printer issues, or computer slowdowns. This in turn would create further productivity issues for your organization.
In these emergency situations, a Per-Incident Technical Support team is a reliable and affordable option. Here are some major advantages to per-incident support:

Access to an Expert Team without Contractual Obligations
Generally, Managed IT service providers enter contracts with their clients in order to provide reliable ongoing support that is always available for its duration. However, for organizations with internal teams, sometimes this option is not ideal as there would be unused resources for the majority of the time.
For these companies, per-incident support offers professional assistance without the need for long-term commitment. If a disaster occurs, the IT experts can assist and bill in a one-time, no commitment basis.

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External IT teams can assist your Internal Team in Emergency Situations
For many organizations with an internal IT team, day-to-day issues can be managed in-house. However, under times of emergency such as countering or recovering from a cyberattack incident, resources are bound to be highly constrained. In these times, it can be useful to work with a per-incident IT team. The methods that the external team can augment your own are also incredibly flexible – you could assign them to manage the daily issues while your team handles the emergency incident, or vice versa.

One-Time Affordable Payment
For organizations that do not require an external team of IT technicians on a daily basis, it may be cost inefficient to enter a contractual relationship with an MSP. Per Incident technical support is most appropriate for these situations, allowing for companies to leverage the resources of a third party IT team through a one-time, low cost payment.

GIGE Corporation’s per-incident technical support focuses not only on resolving the surface issue for you, but also finding out the root cause of the problem. With this goal in mind, we aim to help you ensure that the issue does not occur again to cause further disruptions.

By identifying the root cause of an problem, we can further assist by recommending upgrade paths or infrastructural strategies for you to optimize your IT backend.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, GIGE Corporation understands the nuances that go into implementing IT solutions for small-to-mid sized organizations. We are here to help, whether with a one-off incident technical issue, or as your dedicated MSP. Get in touch with us via info@gige.ca or +1 888 366 4443. for assistance.

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