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The Advantages of VOIP Migration

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The Advantages of VOIP Migration

In today’s world, digital communication is essential to a company’s productivity. While email and chat rooms are important, the traditional voice calls remain a cornerstone to communication. Inadequate phone systems can become a huge hinderance to productivity due to problems like bad audio quality and call dropouts. This ultimately impacts customer experience and service delivery. As a result, many organizations are migrating towards VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) platforms, as these have several distinct advantages over standard phone lines.

Set Up Customized Forwarding Matrices
One of the advantages of VoIP is the ability to easily set up customized matrices for call forwarding. With this, you and your employees can be more reliably reached by customers – if an individual is unavailable, calls can be directed to the next most appropriate individual or team to ensure that the customer gets a response.

Easy Setup
With VoIP systems, employee onboarding is simple. No technical knowledge is required to operate the VoIP phones, alleviating the company from having to hold lengthily training sessions during initial setup or for new employees. With this, the VoIP system is one less concern when you are looking to expand your team.

Cost Reduction
Installation and maintenance costs for traditional phone systems can become expensive. Furthermore, monthly costs for local and long distance calls also quickly add up. For companies that need constant communication with cross-national or international clients, these can become significant monthly expenses.
VoIP systems help save these call costs, with research showing that savings can go up to 90% for international calls.

Start your VoIP Migration

Easier Communication
With VoIP, it is easier than ever to communicate digitally across large distances. By setting up a call macro, you can attempt to call a series of devices with a single dial. For instance, if the call does not connect with a phone, it will automatically try a cellphone, then a tablet, etc.

Conference Calling made Simple
Conference calling is often a feature that is available for traditional phone systems, but it comes with additional costs for usage. VoIP systems brings this feature a no additional cost, helping you reduce monthly upkeep fees for your communication systems.

Easy and Powerful Scaling
VoIP systems scale easily with your company due to the fact that it is digitally based. Therefore, you do not need to install new analog systems. Instead, you can just purchase any necessary equipment to increase the capacity.

Seamless Integration
With VoIP, it is simple to integrate these new systems into your existing IT infrastructure. This means that you won’t need to invest in replacement products for the systems that you already have in place. Instead, employees will be able to increase their efficiency while using may of the tools that they are already familiar with.

It is clear that migrating to VoIP brings may advantages to an organization – from increases in productivity to reductions of cost. Furthermore, VoIP systems are easy to configure and integrate well with traditional infrastructure.

GIGE Corporation has years of experiencing designing and managing customized VoIP systems that have been tailored to the specific needs of Canadian organizations. We can audit your current system and identify the process of migration for your company. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 or info@gige.ca to get started today.


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